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It’s Elvis and Much More

Tupelo is a hidden gem located in the northeastern corner of Mississippi. It is best known as Elvis Presley's birthplace, but this small city offers much more. The city is home to beautiful parks, southern food, shopping, arts, and cultural institutions.

Visit the Elvis Presley Museum

The simple house is where Elvis Presley was born and still stands in Tupelo. It is now a museum that attracts rock-and-roll lovers from all over. In addition, a chapel, the place the family worshipped, the Assembly of God Church, can also be found on the museum grounds.

Live the Good Life in Tupelo

The city of Tupelo has a suburban feel, and most residents own their homes. The city is home to many families, professionals, and young people. Tupelo has a moderate political outlook and offers a welcoming environment to its residents. It does not have the overwhelming traffic jams that plague many cities during rush hour.

Work in a Thriving Environment

Tupelo is bursting with innovation and energy and is home to military-grade telecommunications, network architecture and companies in the intersection of technology, healthcare, and defense. Some of the top-rated manufacturing companies operate in the county. Tupelo offers an array of top-notch services to assist its citizens and tourists alike including transit, police and fire response, tow services, and even personal injury attorneys if an unfortunate accident passes through someone’s path. Hospitality, restaurants, tourism, and financial services also flourish in Tupelo.

Explore the Outdoors

Veteran's Park and the Natchez Trace Parkway, with a 444-mile natural scenic drive, are among popular outdoor activities in Tupelo for most of the year, thanks to its warm, sunny climate. Visiting the Tupelo Buffalo Park Zoo or taking a self-guided bicycle tour are excellent ways to enjoy the area.

Tupelo offers many jobs, entertainment, extracurricular activities, and socializing environments. It is a quaint small town with a rural touch. It takes pride in its history, and there is no better place to visit in the Southeast. A definite “must see” when traveling through Mississippi or a serious consideration for those who are relocating.